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"Oh you who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if you are Indeed believers."

Surah 2, Verse 278

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Book List Now Available for Purchase !

Title of Book Author   Price    
Introduction to Islamic Finance Mufti Taqi Usmani


    R50.00   Order Now
Meezanbank's Guide to Islamic Banking Dr Imraan Usmani


    R70.00   Order Now
Islamic System of Justice A Q Audah Shaheed     R30.00   Order Now
Sunni Shafi' Law Code Anwar A Qadri     R30.00   Order Now
Judicial System of Islam G M Azad     R30.00   Order Now
Virtues of Trade(Fazaail-e-Tijaarat) Sh M Zakariya Khandalwi     R30.00   Order Now
Learner's Guide to Inheritance  Hanafi Madhab      R20.00   Order Now
Islamic Law of Evidence Prof Anwarullah      R40.00   Order Now
Kitabul Meerath - Inheritance (Hanafi) Majlisul Ulama - PE      R40.00   Order Now
Islam & the Theory of Interest  Dr A I Qureshi      R40.00   Order Now
Origins of Islamic Jurisprudence Dr M Y Guraya      R40.00   Order Now
Towards Interest-Free Banking Sh Mahmud Ahmad      R40.00   Order Now
Theories of Islamic Law  I A K Nyazee      R100.00   Order Now
The Lawful & Prohibited in Islam Sh Yusuf Al Qardawi      R60.00   Order Now
Readings in Islamic Fiscal Policy S A Peerzade      R60.00   Order Now
Public Finance in Islam Sh Muhammad Ashraf      R20.00   Order Now
Banking & Islamic Law Dr Mohd Muslehuddin      R30.00 Order Now
Participatory Financing at Islamic Investment Banks ALM Abdul Gafoor  


  Order Now
Islamic Law of Contract & Business Transactions M Tahir Mansuri     R160.00   Order Now

All prices are quoted in South African Rands. Contact us for prices in US Dollars.
Please note that prices exclude postage.

Please fill in the "Order Now" form and we will advise you on postage costs.


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