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Granite Glen Marais is a home renovation company specialising in the installation of natural stone surfaces, especially granite. We are often approached by prospective clients who are particularly interested in outdoor applications of granite.

Granite Glen Marais

Granite is ideal for outdoor areas because it is so hard-wearing and resilient. Granite paving for driveways, for example, is a sound economic investment in a feature that will keep its value and appearance for many years to come.

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  • Bathroom Surfaces
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Granite paving panels for patio and veranda areas are similarly durable, but also naturally beautiful and therefore extremely compatible with adjacent garden areas, far more so than synthetic surfaces would be.

Use of naturally-occurring granite is also ecologically friendly. And the enormous variety of colours and natural patterns available means that your granite patio paving can be designed to perfectly complement the decor of adjoining rooms indoors can be assisted by Granite Glen Marais.

Granite Glen Marais
Granite Glen Marais

Granite paving is also an attractive option for garden pathways and swimming pool areas, again offering a rustic and unique ambience. Crushed granite tops can also be used to great effect in landscaping features.

Granite Glen MaraisĀ  has highly experienced contractors that are willing to work closely with reputable landscaping companies in order to design and create your outdoor granite installations, polishing and cutting.

Granite countertops Glen Marais
Granite countertops Glen Marais

Below is a short video on granite:

Our company’s reputation for service excellence and our guarantee of efficient workmanship involving as little mess and disruption as possible provide a positive experience for our clients. Call Granite Glen Marais today for more information.

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